Saturday, May 6, 2017

Green Up Day 2017 - Jericho Center, Vermont

  The Community Center in Jericho Center hosted the annual Green Up Day Potluck Community Breakfast on Saturday May 6. 

                   The food was Yummy!

 Great time joining friends and neighbors, meeting new folks, and catching up on town news.

Fifteen folks from Subaru of New England joined us at the Community Center's Green Up Day Breakfast.

On the left is Melinda Vieux is President of Green Up Vermont.


                                          Coloring our world green and clean!

       Green Up Day, a family tradition worth preserving.

Gene Richards (on the right) is on the board of directors of Green Up Vermont.

                                     C O M M U N I T Y
                        The heart of the matter. 

   Thank You - each and every one of you for participating in Green Up Day clean up efforts. You enhance the quality of living in this beautiful section of Vermont.

Thank You to the Community Center volunteers and all who donated food for today's scrumptious breakfast.

By volunteering to assist in Green Up Day you foster pride, responsibility, and respect for our landscape. 

Green and Clean - A Jericho Center and Vermont Family Tradition.

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