Thursday, March 3, 2016

Birds & Art synonymous in North Carolina

John Ayre's bird photographs are in my mind - art, capturing not only image but mood and ambivalence as well. 

Incredibly, it seems to me, the photographer (John Ayre, of North Carolina) is able to bring out colors sharp and crisp in relatively low light. I find shooting subjects against a snow (white) background, particularly challenging. Alas lighting along with shades of such, are a key to how a photo works or doesn't work so well. Knowing how to work (and see) within the spectrums (of light) is a skill that can create or define moods as well as definition to a photo scene. 

The looping trail in the snow trailing the turkey almost lends the photo to a 'story waiting to be told' (giving the photo extra character).


Snow gains so much dimension when 'summer time' objects are included in the get together. From opposite sides of the seasons they coalesce like friends from faraway lands getting together after a long absence. The photo of the deck chairs and table covered with snow seem to carry the voices and conversations from many summer interludes; just as those sounds carry off into space forever, perhaps they also settle about long after we conclude with them.


The image of the two birds sharing or feeding one another is a good example of moving beyond just a good image of a bird, into an emotional image. I think such images draw birds into our human sphere and make them that much more adoring to us. As we personify wildlife, we move closer to kinship with them.

Photos posted with permission from John Ayre of North Carolina.
All rights reserved.