Thursday, December 3, 2015

City Beauty Matters

Clean City is yours to keep or lose: choose to keep her- Clean.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Over the last nine months, I posted on my website images highlighting the beauty of our South Burlington natural areas, the Chamberlin Neighborhood, and our local backyard birds. I also posted images of several community events including CityFest, the fire department's open house, the Farmer’s Market, the South Burlington Solar Farm Tour, Green-Up Day candids, and Growing Young Gardeners sessions. View my photo postings by visiting the link noted at the end of this column.

Truly, these images of South Burlington say much about our community spirit, communal volunteerism, and pride in each our own neighborhoods. These images also display the beauty of our city, from its natural undeveloped areas, to its developed infrastructure. Viewing South Burlington through a camera lens has helped me better appreciate the beauty of our landscape - the place we call home.

My latest venture and website posting, Clean City Alert - Lens on Litter, is an attempt to inspire business* proprietors, non-profits, and individual citizens to address any blemishes in the form of litter that degrade our cities beautiful image. Lens on Litter seeks to highlight opportunities to move from litter to glitter.

Green & Clean - Making a Difference
Marco Cepeda, a senior at South Burlington High School, recently enrolled in a Public Issues and World Affairs class, which encouraged him to become familiar with an issue, and address the issue to a group of people. After reading Green & Clean's September 24 column, “Our City’s Image Builds the Brand of Tomorrow," Marco was motivated to remove littered trash from Van Sicklen Road in support of keeping South Burlington clean. 
After six-hours of clean up in October, harvesting four large bags of roadside trash, Marco expressed he felt very good about the achievement of helping preserve the natural beauty of South Burlington.  

What I Believe
People who care about clean neighborhoods must pick up for people who litter and don't care. Picking up litter must be done regularly. Green-Up Day in Vermont is not just a one-day a year event; it is a year round philosophy-as well as a call to action. In addition, businesses are powerful role models for customers. Businesses maintaining clean, tidy and litter free premises have a positive influence on customer perception and behavior. 

Our Mission
As citizens and as proprietors of this community, we have responsibilities. We can set an example for others by becoming regular litter cleaners and influence other residents in the neighborhood to join us. We can promote a greater sense of community among residents, property owners, and businesses. In addition, we can urge city officials to endorse our clean city desires by facilitating a clean city image with a multi-faceted approach toward litter prevention and year round clean up. Let's make South Burlington the signature image of a clean city. That way her beauty will shine that much brighter! Then we can better see our city's existing beauty and show we care about, and are grateful for, our treasured city - our home.
Bernie publishes commentary and photos reflecting Vermont values of Green and Clean and Community. View images of South Burlington beauty at and follow on Facebook @ South Burlington VT - Photos.

Bernie urges us all to maintain a litter free environment through caring, contribution, and community; in order to protect our water, wildlife, and human health.