Monday, November 2, 2015

South Burlington VT. Clean City Alert - Lens on Litter

A picture is worth a thousand words. These SB clean city alert - Lens on Litter photos highlight opportunities to move from litter to glitter.

11/2/2015 Dorset Street

More South Burlington Lens on Litter images below. * And read of opportunity to share your Lens on Litter photos. 

What do I believe?
People who care about clean neighborhoods must pick up for people who litter and don't care. Picking up litter must be done regularly. Green Up Day in Vermont is not just a one day a year event; it is a year round philosophy-as well as a call to action. 
Businesses are powerful role models for customers. Businesses maintaining clean, tidy and litter free premises have a positive influence on customer perception and behavior. ~The Moray

Our mission
As citizens, and as proprietors of this community, we have responsibilities. We can make a difference as communal volunteers. We can make South Burlington litter-free by exercising due diligence. 
·         Set an example for others by becoming regular litter cleaners.
·         Influence other residents in the neighborhood to join us.
·         Promote a greater sense of community among residents, property owners and businesses.
·         Urge city government officials to endorse our desires for a clean city by facilitating a Clean City image with a multi-faceted approach toward litter prevention and year round clean up.

Lets make South Burlington the signature image of a clean city.

Images captured on 11/2/2015
on Dorset street, between GMP substation
 and Green Mtn Suites Hotel.  

After clean up.

Images captured on 11/2/2015,
on Dorset Street, behind 
and to the left of Sears Auto.

Perhaps the city  might consider installing a trash and recyclable container here, given the bench, bus stop, and frequent trash accumulation.

Images captured on 11/2/2015, 
Hinesburg Road, 
in front of Rite Aid.

Check back often, for the latest South Burlington 
Lens on Litter clean city alert -
 photos of blemishes in our Clean City Image.  

Thank You to this person for clean up services at
establishments in front of University Mall
and presumably near the Mall as well.

*Submissions encouraged
Do you know of a South Burlington spot whose beauty is belied by litter-which you would like to highlight? Snap a picture and email it to me. I will add your photo(s) to my Clean City Posting. Please provide image location and date taken. Only by identifying the problem can we begin to solve it. Before and after clean up images also welcome.  

Bernie publishes commentary and photos reflecting Vermont values of Green and Clean and Community. 

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