Monday, September 28, 2015

Our City's Image of Today Builds the Brand of Tomorrow. South Burlington, Vermont

South Burlington, VT Clean City Image Objective

South Burlington, Vermont is fun, family, food, and friends. We have bike paths, parks, natural areas, gardens, and tree lined streets. We have lovely neighborhoods, each displaying unique features and personalities. The SB business community represents us all by welcoming community members and guests to South Burlington.

Our family and community values shine on and through our public resources, citizenry participation, and volunteerism.

I am seeking to capture that spirit of our identity and our values, recognizing the community can benefit by implementing coherent strategies to manage resources, reputation, and image. 

I have a vision of South Burlington becoming the signature image of a clean city. We can derive health, and economic benefits from being the cleanest city. The value of a clean city to SB businesses is the premium image representing the best of Vermont, the qualities and values I encourage in my Green & Clean column.

The objective is to meet the highest of ‘Clean City Standards’ we can attain as citizens and proprietors together. I encourage residents to increase their feeling of ownership of public places. I am asking residents, the city, local businesses, and non-profit organizations, to consider a comprehensive plan to accomplish this objective by taking specific steps as follows.
·     Golden Broom Award - Sponsor and coordinate a yearly-awarded Golden Broom Award given to a business meeting the standard and raising the bar for a truly clean city.

·      Non-profit collaboration - Facilitate collaboration between a nonprofit (ex. Boy Scouts) with SB businesses whereby the nonprofit provides a litter clean up service at businesses. 

·     Fall Sweep - Schedule a citywide volunteer, litter clean up of public landscape event, once a year, in October or November to augment May Green Up Day.

·     Social Marketing - The social marketing mission is to change individual behaviors regarding litter, for the benefit of our community. Create and install signs & posters. “You have South Burlington in your hand-Keep her Green and Clean”. Create and distribute business “certified litter free zone” certifications.

·      Promote Adopt-A-Block - Spread awareness of the program, of the existing participants and their accomplishments, and promote increased participation.

·      Education - Develop a marketing campaign and classroom appropriate presentation addressing behavioral change, encouraging personal responsibility in regards to litter prevention and clean up in South Burlington.

·      Infrastructure - Deploy Solar Trash and Recycling Compactors in high traffic areas.

·      Research - Determine and address root causes of specific littered trash such as escaped grocery store flyers, single use bags and beverage containers.

Volunteer-based initiatives such as ‘Fall Sweep’ in October or November to augment May Green Up Day, and a city promotion of ‘Adopt-A-Block’ program including recognition of members efforts and accomplishments, would provide the framework for expanding community engagement and participation.

I have a vision whereby our South Burlington community including the business district becomes the cleanest city in the country. Will you encourage your city representatives, local business proprietors, and non-profits to implement these strategies to help fulfill the dream of South Burlington becoming the signature image of a clean city?

Also, will you ask the SB planning commission to include, in the Comprehensive draft plan, under Vision & Goals, Green & Clean (page 1-1) this statement, “Facilitate Clean City image with a multi-faceted approach toward litter prevention and year round clean up”.  

Let’s be our best, look our best, and then surely we will feel our best, enjoying fun, family, food and friends in South Burlington.

Bernie publishes short stories and photos reflecting Vermont values of Green and Clean and Community. 
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