Thursday, June 11, 2015

Clean Branding Editorial

The city representatives are considering a unique tag line to help develop a brand and to show pride in our South Burlington identity."South Burlington VT. A Different Place Altogether". I like the slogan, especially "altogether". We can find many examples in our fine city where we as a community and as a city, have cherished attributes and amenities. Together we can grow more. 

A brand is a set of strong associations people have with a place. These associations are really expectations people have for that place. The Clean City Standards Ordinance, which I proposed, will set high expectations and set us apart. It is a matter of community pride. Moreover, it is a matter of differentiation for South Burlington, Vermont businesses.
Reference:  Standards Boost Business

The quality of a city is reflected in the standards it sets.  Set the standard then watch as citizens and all businesses, take actions to meet the new clean standard.

South Burlington businesses are to maintain litter free storefronts/business properties year round in order to protect our water, wildlife, and human health. Meaning businesses will make sure that land under their control and to which the public have access is kept free from litter and refuse year round. 

Ask  all proprietors to treat litter like snow. Pick it up shortly after it falls on the ground. 

Send a note to your South Burlington councilors asking them to pass and enact this proposed ordinance.

 What is your opinion on setting clean city standards?  Dialog and debate are good. They help bring out the best way forward.

See litter on a storefront in South Burlington-send me a photo with location and date. Bernie(dot)paquette@Yahoo(dot)com


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