Friday, February 3, 2012

Questions for City Council Seat Candidates

To candidates for S.B. city council,

What proposals will you bring to the city council to help eradicate littered trash 365 days a year in our city?

                                                                                                  Williston road,  I-89 South bound ramp
Why are we tolerant of littered trash in our community?

March 22, 2012 Update: S.B. employees cleaned up the Interstate 89 ramps green belt. Thank You SB employees.

Specifically, how will you encourage all S.B. business owners to take responsibility for keeping their store entryway, parking area, and the sidewalk and roadway in front of their enterprise - litter free every day?

Will you seek a partnership with the local trash haulers for a joint one-year test program placing trash receptacles in high traffic public areas in the city?

How will you collaborate with businesses to develop anti-litter (prevention and clean up) campaigns?

A litter free community would be a social and economic benefit to South Burlington. A multi-faceted approach is necessary. “When education (information, knowledge), enforcement (penalizing offenders) and engineering (making it easy and convenient) are integrated, attitude and behavior change are more likely to occur simultaneously.”   - Tasmania EPA

Please show us your creative problem solving and leadership skills upon this complex problem.

Review this website and my WIKI ( ) for anti litter information, and see pictures of the litter problem in South Burlington.