Wednesday, February 15, 2012

South Burlington City Council Candidates -Feb 2012

  City council candidates and current members,
Please view my exemplary pictures including the I89 South bound ramp,
littered trash problem in public areas of S.B.;  A poor image of our city
for not only the residents of S.B. but visitors as well including the National
Press that will drive by along with the President in a few weeks.

March 22, 2012 Update. SB Employees recently cleaned up the green belt around the Interstate 89 ramps on Williston Rd. Thank YOU.

Walking high traffic business districts such as Williston, Shelburne road, or
Dorset street provides a view of the opportunity for our business community
 to improve its facade. How might the city council encourage business
establishments to keep their frontage (including sidewalk and roadway)
clean year round?
Walking two residential city blocks, I pick up as much as two 39-gallon trash
bags of littered trash per week. This I believe demonstrates significant
 opportunity for improvement outside the commercial zones as well.
Littered trash is a detriment to both the economy and the health of a community.
Some people have accepted littered trash as status quo. Some may have just
 stopped being conscious of the food packaging, plastic, and other littered trash.
This does not make it benign, or an isolated problem.
Take a close look at the landscape at the hotel, bank, grocery store, gas station,
interstate exchange, and other areas you visit on foot. Than if you see what I do,
 please utilize your leadership role on the city council to be a catalyst of,
business and nonprofit collaboration to address this issue year round.

As Pam said, “What you focus on gets fixed.”
To change attitude and behavior we need to use a multi-faceted approach
 (education, enforcement, and engineering) to eliminate litter in South Burlington
365 days per year.
Let us love the city we live in by rallying for litter eradication actions.
Can we count on you to champion this effort?

                                                                                      I-89 South bound ramp off Williston road

Why are we tolerant of littered trash in our community?

March 22, 2012 Update: S.B. employees cleaned up the interstate 89 ramp green belt. Thank You SB employees.