Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ask your legislators to support a Bigger Better Bottle Bill today! A VPIRG message

"A new study shows that expanding Vermont’s Bottle Bill will recycle almost 100 million additional beverage containers each year. Broadening this program to cover plastic water bottles and other beverage containers would also consume less energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create jobs and generate more revenue for local businesses. Further, updated Bottle Bill legislation would allow the state to keep an estimated $3 million dollars from unredeemed bottles and cans.
Despite its success and overwhelming popularity, there's still a very real chance that our legislators could ignore Bottle Bill expansion legislation for yet another year – your legislators need to hear from you!" .

                                   How our littered trash begins its journey to the Ocean.


Click on site listed below to tell your Senators to expand the Bottle Bill!

"Our analysis demonstrates that expanding the Bottle Bill to cover plastic water bottles, sports drinks, juice, wine, and cider containers will produce some amazing benefits for Vermont:

• We will recycle an additional 96.7 million bottles and cans each year.
• We will consume less energy and release fewer greenhouse gases – the equivalent of taking 1,283 cars off the road each year.
• An estimated 100 full-time jobs will be created to handle the increased volume of recyclables.
More revenue will flow into the pockets of local business owners.

Further, the proposed legislation would allow the State – rather than the beverage industry – to keep the unclaimed nickels from discarded containers. This approach, which is already the law in 7 out of 10 states with redemption programs, would provide over $3 million dollars that Vermont could use to fund recycling and other important programs."

This message is from from Lauren Hierl VPIRG Environmental Health Advocate.
See VTDIGGER Article on bottle bill here: