Thursday, June 24, 2010

Clean City: With Freedom Comes Responsibility. Litter

Litter Picking is an All Season Sport.

With Freedom comesResponsibility.

As the fighter jets thundered one after another momentarily disrupting my backyard fourth of July barbecue outing I gave thanks to the air guard members who fly in practice runs week in and week out. I know that 'free and secure' comes about from consistent year round effort not just Fourth of July fly over’s.

The fourth of July brings us marching soldiers, hot dogs and popcorn, ice cream and cold lemonade, and fireworks streaming in the sky highlighting and celebrating our incredulous spirit and love of freedom.

With freedom comes responsibility and hard work. To those who secure our freedom every day we owe honor – to them and to our country. Honor and respect not just for the flag but also for our community, our parks, our beaches, and even our sidewalks and urban streets. Our veterans work to keep America free.

Let us work to keep the America they fought for and fight for-beautiful and clean.

The next time you hear the thundering jets overhead or meet a veteran, remember we have a responsibility to keep our homeland green and clean in honor and respect of those men and women that protect our Nation.

Our veterans work every day for the security of our nation of communities. We can work every day to keep our communities litter free by visiting parks, beaches, by walking sidewalks and trails- leaving nothing behind but our footprints. Green and clean litter prevention and clean up requires constant vigilance just as freedom does.

So when the jets fly by or the fireworks sparkle across the sky this summer, let us be proud of our freedom, our nation, our communities. Let us show respect by maintaining our environment. When we enjoy the liberties that freedom offers: biking, hiking, walking or riding, let us be vigilant in our intolerance of litter.

 Let us keep America the land of the free- litter free.

Let freedom reign and our accepted responsibility proclaim 'of litter we refrain'.

Happy Fourth of July and warm summer wishes to all