Thursday, June 24, 2010

Clean City: Volunteers in demand-multiple openings. Litter

Volunteer Litter Clean Up 

Job Postings:

VOLUNTEER: Supply Analyst: There is an immediate opening for an individual to figure out where all the South Burlington street litter is coming from. The applicant must be able to establish a litter forensics process to trace litter to its source. Squeamish folks should come with gloves and alcohol cleaning wipes. Your office will be in the field or more accurately in the streets of South Burlington where the crimes against the citizens of Green and Clean occur on a daily basis. Investigators must collect and catalog all evidence of litter along with date, and location. Skills with graphs and charts are a plus but pencil and crayon drawn poster boards are acceptable for visually describing percentages of each type of litter and its likely point of origin.

VOLUNTEER: Preventive maintenance position: This is a teaching position. Applicant should be versed in marketing, and enjoy teaching, motivating, and inspiring all ages, especially children. Please describe your vision for a city culture of people passionate about a Green and Litter Free Urban Environment. How will you inspire more people to recognize the dream of litter free streets with dense shrubbery and trees softening the utilitarian tar and concrete? How will you motivate more people to take frequent small actions to clean up litter, and prevent litter year round? What creative low cost ideas can you propose to keep litter off the streets? What promotions and fun activities will you organize to make this effort more visible, socially oriented and more fun?

VOLUNTEER: Beautification Sanitation Engineer: 

Like to get your hands dirty and seek immediate gratification. If yes, this job is for you. First, you get a great title to splash onto your business card and impress all your friends. Second, you get plenty of opportunities to play in the dirt; planting, mulching, watering and trimming trees, shrubs, and flowers. Also available are all season opportunities to pick up litter. Do not care to get dirty but enjoy seeing new plants being established and cared for; look no further. We also have a need for beautification designers, strategic planners, and replenishment trackers. The replenishment trackers help alert business owners and the overworked staff at City Hall of commercial sites were damaged or destroyed trees and shrubs have not been replaced. Work as a liaison between business owners and City Hall to meet the common objective of clean streets and business fronts. Time allowed for patronizing local establishments by sitting under their trees or enjoying their flower gardens while you purchase and enjoy their products. Please send your resume responses to

Collaborator wanted...................................................... help meet these objectives:

1. Take photos of littered sites for litter alerts publication. Organize teams for RFLP (Request for litter pickup).
2. Develop (year round) collaborative clean up solutions with business and city rep’s. (Including installing and servicing trash/recycling/cig recepetacles)
3. Solicit non-profits to engare in "clean up for donations" entrepreneurships.
4. Drive an every street covered, online Green Up Day signup effort.
5. Organize community litter pick up and socialize walks.
6. Plan a cross-state 'Pick Up Vermont Walk', educational and promotional tour.

Want ADS:

Collect litter along sidewalks and roadways while walking and conversing with neighbors.

Will barter for clean litter free urban landscape. We can do it. Let’s all help keep S.B. a green and clean environment.

Coins, credit card, keys, clothes, portable CD player, tools, stamped un-mailed letter, and more. Where: along the roadside and sidewalks of S.B. Start your weekly Green Up walk today – see what you find!

Litter Picking is an All Season Sport.